JUST THE FACTS: U.S. Sees Lowest COVID Death Count Since March!

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The past few months of the coronavirus pandemic have been a master class in how legacy media manipulate numbers to stoke fear. Case in point: Have you heard that on Sunday, the United States reported its lowest single-day death count in three months?

You probably have not, but it is true, according to a website tracking COVID-19 cases.

The “Daily Deaths” chart at Worldometer shows the dramatic decline: The 267 coronavirus deaths recorded Sunday were less than half the total of the previous day (573) and the fewest since March 23, when the site listed a total of 180 deaths.

But if you are watching CNN, you are only hearing more panic and fear, with headlines highlighting worries about the increased spread of the virus.

This is what the network reported Monday: “Parts of Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas and other states — many of which were some of the first to reopen following shutdowns — have reported that new coronavirus cases are being diagnosed in increasingly younger populations.”

Note the way CNN highlighted states that reopened earlier than others. The dominating narrative in the mainstream media is that there are a lot of red states with spiking COVID-19 case numbers.

Of course, as more people get tested, more cases will appear. But if deaths and hospitalizations are declining, our country is headed in the right direction.

Ashish Jha, director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that younger people who get sick “have parents. They have grandparents, and they are going to go see those people. … The more the virus spreads, the more everybody is vulnerable.”

Here is what Jha did not tell the audience: Vulnerable populations in states such as Florida have not died from the virus at the rates of those in Democrat-run states such as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

That’s partly because Republican governors such as Ron DeSantis in Florida and Brian Kemp in Georgia moved fast and efficiently to protect the elderly in nursing homes. Kemp even had the Georgia National Guard send infection-control teams to nursing homes around the state early on to help limit the spread of the coronavirus.

While those states were ensuring that nursing homes had the protective equipment and training they needed, New York’s Democratic leaders forced nursing homes to take in COVID-infected patients.

The result is that New York and New Jersey have the highest COVID-19 death rates in the country, according to Worldometer: 1,609 and 1,472, respectively, per million population, as of Monday.

Conversely, Florida has a much lower death rate despite its large elderly population: 152 deaths per million population. The difference in reporting on these matters led DeSantis to speak out about how the media has manipulated the Wuhan virus narrative in the U.S.

While leftists initially tried to come up with conspiracy theories as to why states that opened early did not become apocalyptic in the aftermath, they are now reduced to trying to stoke new fears.

So don’t expect the establishment media to talk about the declining deaths from coronavirus. Good news for the nation is bad news for Democrats, after all.

Sadly, if you have friends or relatives who rely solely on CNN or other leftist outlets for their information, they likely will not hear anything about a drop in COVID-19 deaths.

The establishment media do not care about giving Americans the truth. They care about keeping the coronavirus panic alive until the November election.

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