Nasty Nancy Enflames Violent Divide Plaguing America By Blaming Republicans With Floyd’s Death

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Pelosi was asked today why she thinks it is appropriate to say Republicans are trying to get away with the murder of George Floyd and if she feels she went too far.


I’ll start by saying I’m pleasantly surprised CNN reporter Manu Raju asked Pelosi this question and followed up asking if she feels she went too far.

Pelosi, of course, refused to take back what she said and defended her disgusting attack by suggesting it’s because both Republicans and Trump refused to ban chokeholds outright.

Trump’s executive order did ban them in almost all cases except when a police officer’s life has being threatened. It’s actually crazy to me that Pelosi would rather a police officer take out their gun, a lethal weapon, and shoot someone to defend his or her life rather than to use a chokehold to make an attacker pass out. Which one is more likely to kill the attacker?

Exit Question: Did you notice Pelosi having a Joe Biden moment up there? It took her all of five seconds of thinking to come up with that ‘chokehold’ thing. I thought she was going to pass out for a second, LOL!


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