Liberal Media Outlets SILENT On Democrats Blocking Police Reform

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Kellie Meyer with Nexstar tweeted tonight asking if any of the network news programs addressed the police reform debate tonight on their nightly shows:

“Wait did none of the national network news programs address the police reform debate? I don’t think I saw it on Nightly, definitely not on ABC, and I am not sure CBS. But we covered the protests…not the reform efforts on the Hill?”

Well that got me curious so I called up Fred T. and we checked the transcripts.

ABC News was the only one to cover it. Unfortunately I can’t put my hands on the clip yet to post here so you can see how they covered it.

Neither NBC News nor CBS News even covered the fact that Democrats blocked the Republican Senate bill led by Tim Scott. No mention of it at all. How is that possible? As Meyer says above, they cover the protests intensely but as soon as Democrats block police reform, they are silent?

In his speech today, after Democrats refused to even allow a debate on police reform, Tim Scott literally said “And unfortunately without the kind of objectivity in the media that is necessary to share the message of what’s actually happening, no one will ever know!”

His word were prophetic!


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