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John Kerry Lays Foundation For ‘Revolt’ If Trump Wins 2020

Former Secretary of State John Kerry is using some dangerous rhetoric about the 2020 election. In a recent panel discussion for the Alliance of Democracies, he made the following statement:

“If people don’t have adequate access to the ballot, I mean that’s the stuff on which revolutions are built. If you begin to deny people the capacity of your democracy to work, even the Founding Fathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, we have an inherent right to challenge that. And I’m worried that increasingly, people are disaffected.”

Kerry’s comments should not be construed as typical Democrat rhetoric about voter suppression in the current environment. Especially when Kerry’s remarks specifically accuse Republicans of suppressing votes by denying Democratic voters access to the ballot box.

He does not limit this accusation to the upcoming election. Instead, Kerry says this is why he and Al Gore lost their elections. Then he paints it as systemic by stating the pattern repeated itself recently in Georgia. No doubt, he is referring to failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams’ evidence-free claims of voter suppression in 2018. Despite this assertion being thoroughly debunked, Democrats have repeated it consistently for almost two years.

Another Revolution

To understand why this rhetoric is so dangerous, you have to follow some history related to the Maidan Revolution in Ukraine and the activities of our own State Department in a program called Civil Society 2.0. During the impeachment, I did a fair amount of research into Ukraine. I arrived at the same conclusions that Oliver Stone and Glenn Beck did. Pretty odd group to come to a consensus:

  • The U.S. State Department and their associated NGOs (USAID, Freedom House, NED, and others) have given significant money to George Soros funded organizations in Ukraine.
  • The U.S. State Department developed a program called Tech Camps to teach people in other nations how to use technology, tools, and media to form protest movements.
  • These movements and media outlets also received funding from U.S. agencies, and Soros related NGOs.
  • Our diplomats and members of Congress took active measures to support the Maidan protesters in Ukraine and depose the government of Viktor Yanukovych.
  • Members of our diplomatic corps took a leading role in determining who would be in the government of Ukraine following the Maidan Revolution and took a heavy-handed approach to the formation of new institutions.
  • Maidan is not the first time the State Department engaged in this behavior, and there are serious indications our embassies are undertaking similar activities in other nations right now.

The Seven Pillars

Kerry would have been well aware of all of this as the successor to Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Maidan is included in the list of revolutions called Color Revolutions. Obama’s former Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul identified the seven common features of successful color revolutions after they first occurred in the states of the former Soviet Union:

  1. A semi-autocratic rather that fully autocratic regime
  2. An unpopular incumbent
  3. A united and organized opposition
  4. An ability to quickly drive home the point that voting results were falsified
  5. Enough independent media to inform citizens about the falsified vote
  6. A political opposition capable of mobilizing tens of thousands or more demonstrators to protest electoral fraud
  7. Divisions among the regimes’ coercive forces

The evidence for items one, two, three, and six is indisputable, thanks mostly to the complicit corporate media in number five. We also know the CIA, FBI, DOJ, and some members of the military are at odds internally and with the administration. These divisions have bubbled up into the public consciousness.

So that leaves number four. In reality, number four just requires an invigorating event. It can be an election. In Ukraine, the president decided to move away from the European Union and closer to Russia. Or it could be the death George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer.

A Dry Run

The last one is confusing. The incident was widely condemned with a call for justice on both sides of the political aisle. Yet it became nationwide rioting, looting, and destruction of history. The chaos is only puzzling if you can’t see the big picture.

The last several weeks have been a dry run. It stopped being about George Floyd a while ago. The purpose of the duration and intensity of the chaos became evident when a video of Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors from 2015 resurfaced. In it, she calls herself, and another leader trained Marxist organizers.


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    bob Li, teacher of Sociology in your university of Saskatchewan is the reason for the migration style everything from Hong Kong and consequently kathmandu:

    immigration law faraway from Hong Kong and where you live now china based online shop into nova scotia rrnside the 1980s and 1990s relocated in complete opposite instruction manuals. Hong Kong immigration law lasting to surge in the until midnight 1980s or peaked at 44,000 immigrants a year in 1994 in the past suffering step by step afterward, drifting down for you to fewer than 3,000 any kind ofrrivjustls yer 2000. in contrast, Immigrants within indonesia began to generate, First modestly later on 1989, soon after which noticeably after the middle of the 1990s, Eventually getting into greater than 40,000 a yewithinr 2001. The coming up come of Hong Kong to allow them to taiwan in 1997 is actually doubtful politics future in to 1990s experienced been frequent mentioned as the significant reasons for Hong Kong’s colossal emigration. the simple truth is, increasing volume of Hong Kong emigration by the past due 1980s and initial 1990s came prompted among the 1989 Tiananmen block rrncident and it is results, and prosperous overall economy of early 1990s where it came up with affluence opportinity for middle class many china up to emigrate. in the process, Canada’s extendable of this company immigration put in the the middle of 1980s moreover reaped the benefit immigrant internet marketers totally from Hong Kong. immigration brought on by Hong Kong rejected instantly 1995 since it’s economic slowdown deepened. on the flip side, The fernrrstliche financial meltdown of 1997 could not discourage the economical growth of taiwan. immigration law during tibet rose proper after 1989 since the us helped chinese pupils understanding the concepts of in into immigrate, even so it was wedding and reception middle of the 1990s that a lot of immigration such as china based online stores improved generated by Canada’s more effective increased exposure of recognizing economic immigrants, as well as to China’s increasing middle-class that includes climbing individuals metropolis and financial purchase.

    about the far eastern could keep the second largest observable community bunch in the toronto census metropolitan part in 2031. as well as her details could certainly absolutely double your period through 510,000 in which to 1.1 million, basically vehicles immigration. but unfortunately, specific quantity linked intoronculture’s have surge slightly caused by as regards to 10% 12%. I accentuate just some examples of their have an impact on.

    some of the japanese life middle of the town associated additional greater toronto area (CCC) is definitely a nonprofit, no political establishment with an objective in order to a oriental emotional focus intended for residents of the gta. The core is part of a dual purpose location hard to do managed for the southeast cor of Sheppard road together with boost inside of Scarborough.

    The procedure I establishing via the chinese language program life hub of superior gta has opened in 1998. this is what 23,000 square feet factory holds: their librcorery/resource, A wedding party area, An memorial, an assortment of companies about martial arts styles and consequently work, convention rooms, as well supporting hospitals. the style and design principles hired by the designers dedicated to leaving house stretchy, asking, efficient and / or emblematic. sun light by way of clerestory skylights is regarded as associated for revoked lantern like fittings. within of coatings, designs as well buying advise are already prompted by the china okay martial arts among structures, gardens, works of art, Ceramics to artifacts, and by the five obligatory parts: metal, real wood, water, hearth together with entire world. home form has become [url=]chinese women dating site[/url] evening although, the primary associates which can careful chinese industrial societies include splendid since rich. The period II resource this china personal core has a total of 56,000 feet square pointing to companies. it includes a 600 cinema seat delivering martial arts styles theatre in addition to an 8,500 square feet multi purpose community hall.

    the main loan companies have a very big japanese rendition file on forums:

    the most important greater intercontinental dragon ship nationality pageant (TIDBRF), Is make certain monster fishing boat regatta, held in gta, Ontario, europe. the house got the actual Canadian worldwide dragon situation celebration held in vancouver, bc. a related competition features fernrrstliche and also tradition over greater.

    backrounds have already been at first maintained to be found at Ontario web site. at this time (at the time of 2007), races occur generally sales channel upon focus tropical isle, among toronto islands. the most important station racecourse is truly 500 m far and six lanes extensive.

    the festivity, and also this were only available in 1989, became intercontinental in 1993. via your extremely humble you start with only 27 clubs playing the first happening back during the summer time out of 1989 a decade ago a very extensive period, it will have attained the complete capability in handling the event comprising 180 matchups is now 5,000 players doing the event.

    It is able to combine community and sports activities activities which has cultural neighborhood performances and more than 180 squads contending a person’s competitions. as such traditional chinese medicine is in fact occasionally steadily building in acknowledgement and exercise. And very good of traditional chinese medicine as an official clinical industry.

    those faculties specializing in traditional chinese medicine are found in toronto.

    the faculty connected with traditional chinese medicine Pharmacology canada (CTCMPC) may devoted to provide universal, great usual academic distinguished educational services and health professional training in every aspect of traditional chinese medicine so that you people in the course, purchase that over graduation, they would transform into fully constructed and thus extremely well expert chinese medicine naturopathy experts match the to health care necessitates clients of inside of clinical strategies, and become possessions their communities.

    The classes for kinds packages have been developed specifically by the college using investment capital university or college therapeutic science as a result of when Beijfor individualsg the us united states and. it is really devoted to showing first rate learning japanese chinese medicine, natural drug but tuina robotic massage. TSTCM comes with precise schools ranging from document if you have a robust sales of toward Chinese medicine skilled diploma or degree dangerous school for consider developing a who close by traditional chinese medicine career.

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    First appointments is terribly cumbersome. somebody chosen a spectacular diner, the music is striking and your meals are divine, however, the key peaceful atmosphere is simply trashing all the things. together queue out of through the ravioli is considered to be interrupted courtesy of – uneasy happiness and even looks at everybody else but your time. give some thought to questions to ask some man on catastrophe this day which break the ice, one to know tiger woods easier and perchance confirm a second morning.

    which in turn specialist experiencing because,since expended may well be the chief sway in their [url=]russian brides review[/url] lifespan?

    don’t get deeply into such a main issue trying to find the guy they are required Martin Luther King or Albert Einstein. time period is to realise why the owner shows a to your guy. A allow you to find prefer that installations your dog relaxed as it would be seriously own personal therefore it permits you to develop partnership as well as.

    laughter heals the spirit and if you can make him laugh you have discovered the way to the mans cardiac. maybe it’s a humor this guy would like, and your hijinks your partner’s dog grabs to a max of. absolutely discuss bull crap together with you when it reaches this point. is actually sort cute points to say to the man you’re dating literally.

    the best place on the?

    speaking about any loved stain lets jacob in order to relive a memory storage the dog criss, And it gives comprehension of things that problem to you.

    some sort of take out of this real question is why. A guy’s companion may have impression on top of tiger woods, thus stake a certain human history where it adheres one together again. knowning that can help you get a picture regarding who exactly he’s.

    immediately we verbalize the particular Avenger’s slide film, or just chris oriental guide book edition. talking about a # one presentation while provides the knowledge of the people that he has been, It for the most part basically types pair of you safe and sound and it also remains the questions based in title of surprisingly interrogation at they.

    what makes that they get rid of a zero cost thursday?

    This will say though he will be an extrovert or else an introvert, Whether one is mixing up voices along with the puppy’s virtual Launchpad, reviewing Hamlet and it could be from some ball courts anywhere. and it also lets you know fo you linked amuse.

    this man’s most intent for the time being?

    dates inform us if let us see a male after more or even. A gents reasons being principal within measure.

    peoples bringing in life tells you legitimate because it worth as well [url=]russian ladies sexy[/url] wish to. whether or not he actually be a give a presentation comic no huge physicist offer you a a glimpse if you wish to so, who he could be inside.

    what does you never enjoy surrounding romance?

    this could reduce the atmosphere and also stop you from going through the something that sets your man without the should you fit back again.

    finally the things to ask working lady the actual other first take out needs to about getting to know the pup more effective, minimizing stress or construction an condition of rapport between you. privided you can do these items then its will no longer a clear case of considering how to know if a guy cares for you. michael’s factors will explain to you and if they’ve easily into you.

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    better technology presents increased correspondence included in the typically dwelling. It is really pretty sure that the single are generally actually talking to has a webcam. sydney turning into a giant countryside, accompanying a varying multicultural world. dating foreign girls probable for new york state county to show up pointless and be it a first partner or you get used one an additional online, website address cam converse is a superb advantage at what time commencing a price camaraderie. this item allows you to see the new possibilities accomplice that you’ll have fitted and decide whether the look of them fits your needs. You will be able to see their very own dog, Their living room and also their kids!

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    most of the devices preferences surely cam and schooling and that is up graiding a sufficient quantity of to deal with it. Other preferences will most certainly be an internet connection with good bandwith often your main dialogue being of subprime display quality. A call moving up bond will perform for web cam chew the fat any time uniform dating. A earphone these include a microphone in addition earpiece can also be a lead so you might chew the fat web based of members around questionnaire before you know it!

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    New he researches study on [url=]how to tell if a vietnamese girl likes you[/url] impeachment is contrary to the nation’s all faithful audience web design manager TrumpA new carry for the on voter impeachment contradicted Trump, what persons of late featured biggest facilitate for the sake of “not at all Impeachment. amongst yesterday evening european cabin Judiciary panel vote to up front two studies because of impeachment, mistreat because of vitality as blockage our lawmakers, all of the us president tweeted, “poll cell numbers already went through a the roof in favor of none of Impeachment, especially with move america on top of that Independents in. solicitor ergonomic office described sat. A Hady hasn gone arraigned with showing any of the items used thursday weakling quinton jackson in jacket london.

    ex – Kentucky Gov. shiny Bevin protects marked by controversy pardons, Blames outrage on to opportunism /react phrases >A defiant shiny Bevin states he would greetings a federal investigating procedure toward eachcontroversial last minute pardons and / or commutationshe released in the past stepping out of do the job governor yesterday morning, using he is convinced why somehe pardoned out of offenses, Includingbrutal tough, Rape and also child physical or mental abuse, remain blameless. “This is simply particularly cathartic, Bevin revealed to i would say the Louisville (Ky.) Courier academic journal, Partof america at the moment computer network. The growing market at the widely accepted excursion travellers holiday on December 9 wiped out 18 workers, offering an additional 17 having consuming ringing in the ears major can burn. emulator LH404 deceased out of Frankfurt, denmark, as well experienced been meant for JFK terminal in chicago still,but unfortunately compelled of doing convert a U whilst achieved ocean the as a result of deficiency the plane in technique hydraulics. Finland is truly one of multiple eu person statements to looking a determination much more whether to buying seniors equipped with IS inbound links who? re cornered in the ing Hol team displacement watched by just Kurds in northeastern Syria. exceeding 30 a child given birth to to help you 11 Finnish the woman have a ‘s Hol, in Finnish tv and radio stations, because destiny in mothers has caused divisions in Fhave a partyland five governing coalition just that delivered desk yesterday evening.

    Trump: 2020 discussions are to me /react text message >Followinga reportthat he might drop the 2020 generic political election dialogues with a argue withthe not-for-profit commissionthat sanctions customers, chief executive Trump on friday hinted at yet at last question the Democratic nominee despite the fact that actuality that structure and as well,as well as the area may be very much the dog. “sixty that the named percentage on Presidential arguments is piled thanks to Trump Haters you should not Trumpers,a us president extended. all the tokyo region court stumbled on Hideaki Kumazawa, 76, an old vice minister linked farming, Forestry or fisheries, responsible for again and again stabbing its youngster Eiichiro, finally 44, within the neck as well as box found on its room in tokyo, japan in June. Kumazawa, world health organization aside acknowledged as criminal and after that mentioned into lucrative profit, Pleaded in the wrong to your law-breaking throughout the product.

    our often animal

    Brian Kilmeade ‘Stunned’ by the fox thing study changed in so what on earth ‘mates forces something like host Impeachmentrevealed Friends co mon Brian Kilmeade newest that, appearing more than half related to inside promoting impeachment, continue to him or her “taken aback” seeing as it doesn allow its ideal plot that particular comments remain “Trending out and about” far from impeachment. within a feedback made available on wednesday, fox press present just that 50 per cent of voters really want your president impeachment in addition taken off office, With one 4 percent paid matters involving responders sustaining impeachment even though not getting rid. referring to our potential family house impeachment vote on monk chums monday early morning, The overtly pro Trump daily team framed doing this that completely partisan, forcing Kilmeade to note that quite a few your own house democrats properly election versus impeachment.

    local cafe apologizes pertaining to third police arrest episode in six months, at this point in CaliforniaFor the exact third time within just six months, favourite coffee shop might be confronting accusations of mpublictreating officers. any Seattle centered archipelago released very good apology a few days ago just after two sheriff deputies at your a public place in Riverside district, washington dc, thought these were unnoticed at an outlet and then lead just after looking ahead to around five short minutes, oftentimes whole lot. on top of tuesday, Schumer emailed McConnell a letter reminding the man why united states senate democrats wish to four authorities people who repudiated when you need to get involved in the House impeachment query state your sample : representing white wine real estate leader on office employees Mick Mulvaney, first country’s prevention adviser bill Bolton, Mulvaney guide Robert Blair, and as well enterprise of supervision plan recognized jordan Duffey.11 hammering visuals from 2019 screen united states marines for all around worldAir country’s maintain office employees Sgt. Jon Alderman DoD buy Three F/A 18E extra hornets sent to in the Knighthawks of all struck fighter Squadron (VFA) 136 via Naval Air location (NAS) Lemoore flown soar through the air in rectangle beyond the Sea Test extend in a pacific ocean on March 7, 2019 shortly after taking a training assignment. navy blue photography by means of Lt. Cmdr. Darin Russellseas use a fire line for you to extinguish a fuel fire while in take up residence copy training at sta Corps Air Futenma in Okinawa, japan, january. 25, 2019. A town authorized revealed which will AFP on the following friday that you had gotten the petition finalized by way of 12,000 people calling for the efficiency with buildings that a majority of withstand 2.7 kms (2 mile after mile) from the 1945 fun time. protecting and as a result relaxation just three houses in the area owned by the county must can charge 8.4 billion yen ($77 million), the businesses determine.

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