A Boston Bartender Who’s Girlfriend Called For Death To Police Doxxed A Customer He Overheard Criticizing BLM — Owner Praised The Employee

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A radical Left-wing bartender at a Boston restaurant hates Conservatives. He made this known after he took it upon himself to dox and publicly shame a customer after eavesdropping on his conversation about BLM protesters. reported:

Earlier in the day I published a blog about a Swampscott bartender who was fired after he listened in on a customer’s conversation, didn’t like the political opinions the customer expressed, and smeared the customer on a town Facebook page.

The bartender wrote the following according to the report:

A few hours later the owner of the joint, got on line and claimed he and his organization support BLM.

Then a few hours after that the owner begged the bartender to come back to work for him and banned the customer from his place.

The bartender’s girl friend was recently seen with a sign “Kill a cop – Save a life!”

What more can we say?

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