Rep. Matt Gaetz Pulls No Punches In Fiery Interview — ‘The Left Has BLOOD On Their Hands For Promoting Violence’

Rep. Matt Gaetz just gave one of the best interviews of the last two weeks and completely dismantled the Left for their calls to violence.

Gaetz (R-FL) joined Judge Jeanine on Saturday night following the police shooting of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta on Friday night.

Brooks resisted arrest, beat police, wrestled with police, stole a taser gun and aimed it at police before he as shot dead.

Tonight all hell is breaking lose in Atlanta.

Rep. Gaetz accused cop-hating leftists of having blood on their hands.

Rep. Matt Gaetz: I certainly think those shrill voices on the left who’ve been calling for violence against our police have blood on their hands. We need to deescalate these tensions. And when you got folks out there demonizing our police they make our communities (less) safer they make policing less safe.

Via Judge Jeanine:

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