Martin Luther King Jr’s Niece Says He Would NEVER Support Today’s Democrats, BLM or Riots

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The Democrats and Leftist claim to be the party of civil rights. They claim to support the vision of MLK. According to King’s neice, however, he would not support anything they stand for.

Alveda King, who is the niece of Martin Luther King, Jr., is setting the record straight about how her uncle would react to today’s headlines. Ms. King, who marched with MLK for Civil Rights as a teenager, explains how her uncle would not be condoning the Democrats, the riots, or kneeling for anyone but God. You’ll love this.

Martin Luther King, Jr. would be sickened by the Democratic Party of 2020, according to his niece Alveda King. “He would have told rioters to go home. His commitment to non-violence was absolute,” Ms. King told Fox and Friends.

We have all witnessed the Democrat politicians fan the flames of the riots and support the ridiculous “defund the police” campaign.

“Our mayor here in Atlanta has done an incredible job telling people to go home,” King added.

“She spoke with that authority as a mayor and a mother. However, all of us can calm this storm. Burning and looting are not good,” MLK’s niece said. “It does lead to more violence: violence begets violence, so, I believe Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘when injustice anywhere is a threat to injustice everywhere.’”

King said that though the death of Floyd, a black man who died while under police custody, was terrible, “the violence must be stopped.”

Alveda King also stressed her uncle’s total obedience to the rule of law. Even though Civil Rights leaders ended up arrested in the deep south during segregation, MLK got so upset with Alveda after she broke the law and fought back.

My uncle Martin left me in jail overnight as a lesson about breaking the law,” said Alveda King.

MLK’s niece was just a teenager taking part in Civil Rights marches. As mayhem broke out during a Civil Rights march when the police tried to intervene, Alveda saw a man start to beat a black woman with a bat.

Alveda tried to stop him and ended up striking the police. She landed in jail.

MLK had rules to demonstrate peacefully and never fighting back, no matter what. He strongly believed in the rule of law.

Ms. King says her uncle would be disgusted by Black Lives Matter and Antifa. 

“These riots and destruction are designed to distract,” King said. “And if you have enough strife, people just can’t think. They just panic or get swept away with ‘what’s happening now.’ And there are real issues impacting the whole world, like the economy, and who can think about that amidst the next important election?”

“So, this deafening noise, this Black Lives Matter, well I will dare to say ‘all lives matter,’” King adds. “What do you mean black lives matter? All lives matter.”

“My uncle, Dr, Martin Luther King Jr., and I’ll add my daddy his brother Rev. A.D. King, talked about ‘a beloved community’ and in that beloved community everyone matters. And to just target one specific group and to say ‘we aren’t going to let you say anything else matters except black lives matter.’ There’s no balance there, it is disrespectful, it is unacceptable, it is distracting.”

So, I beg America to not be distracted by these tactics,” Ms. King adds. “But we must insist on sanity.”

King went on to say, “I believe if Daddy was here today, or my grandad Martin Luther King Sr., my uncle Martin Luther King Jr. — go home and pray.”

Democrats and rioters like Antifa are using one quote by MLK to say he supported violence and rioting. The quote: “a riot is the language of the unheard,” is totally being taken out of context.

For example, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison told Fox News Sunday last week: “Martin Luther King [Jr.] said many years ago that riot is the way that the unheard get heard.”

Alveda King reacted to the MLK Jr. quote that rioting was the voice of the unheard.

“People of America, your voices are being heard. Now, let us come together in unity and faith and love and communicate, solve the problem; violence will not do that,” King said.

King recounted her home being bombed in the 1960s, saying her father, minister A.D. King, intervened against the protesters who were seeking to do more damage.

“I remember my father standing on a car, we got out of the house safely, and he was standing on the car and he said to the people: ‘please, go home. Don’t be violent, go home. If you have to hit somebody, hit me, but I’d rather you go home. I’m safe, my family is safe, go home.’”

MLK must be rolling over in his grave as he watches the Democratic Party embrace everything he was against. 

These Democrats and their cohorts who are trying to co-op MLK are completely devoid of any facts. The Civil Rights icon was also vehemently against abortion.

“Martin Luther King Jr. never accepted the agenda of Planned Parenthood,” Alveda King said. “They lie. They lie today. They put their abortion mills on or near streets that are named after Martin Luther King, and they want to attach that to the civil rights movement of the 20th century, (but) it doesn’t belong.”

In fact, MLK’s niece and nephew are avid Trump supporters who angered the Democrats by saying once and for all, the president is not a racist.

“Isaac Newton Farris Jr. and Alveda King, Dr. King’s nephew and niece, respectively, asserted in interviews that Trump is not a racist,” Afro News reports.

“‘Racism’ is just a word that’s being bandied and thrown about and thrown at the president, in my opinion, unjustly. President Trump is not a racist,” Alveda King said during an interview on Fox & Friends.

Last year, Alveda King said her uncle and father were “conservatives” at heart, following the “rule of law,” adding they would have not been for illegal immigration or open borders.

This makes perfect sense as MLK was concerned with poverty and low-income Americans. MLK believed in the “American dream,” and these Black Lives Matter thugs are a slap in the face to his Civil Rights movement.

BLM supporters pretend the Civil Rights movement never happened, and their campaign to “defund the police” must be causing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to roll over in this grave.

The Democrats are spitting in MLK’s face as they embrace violence in the womb and on the streets. They will all go down as being on the wrong side of history.

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