He LIED! The DC Archbishop Who Scolded Trump For His Visit To John Paul II Church LIED About What Happened And Faked Outrage To The Press

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Washington DC Archbishop Wilton Gregory released a statement last Tuesday lashing out at President Donald Trump for visiting the John Paul II National Shrine.

The DC Archbishop Gregory lectured President Trump on “defending the rights of all people even those with whom we might disagree” while at the same time attacking him for visiting a Catholic Shrine.

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited the Catholic Shrine before signing an executive order promoting religious freedom.
First Lady Melania Trump is a practicing Catholic.

The media failed to report this important detail in their hit pieces on President Trump.

Instead, Archbishop Gregory made the headlines because he LECTURED President Trump for visiting the shrine!
What a petty and disgraceful man.

The Archbishop’s tweet was retweeted 14,500 times.
Democrats and their liberal media loved it.

But now it appears the Archbishop was lying to ruin President Trump’s historic visit to the shrine and signing his executive order for international religious freedom.

But Gregory ruined this moment.
And he lied.

Catholic News Agency reported today that the Archbishop was notified of the event a week in advance and was invited to attend this ceremony.

Archbishop Gregory said he was busy that day and turned down the invitation.

Then he ruined this blessed stand by President Trump on religious freedom.

Catholic News Agency reported:

The White House said Sunday that Washington’s archbishop was invited to attend an event with President Donald Trump several days before it took place, amid media reports that the archbishop did not learn of the event until the night before it took place.

White House deputy press secretary Judd Deere told CNA June 7 that “Archbishop Gregory received an invitation to the President’s event at the St. John Paul II Shrine the week prior to the President’s visit. He declined due to other commitments.”

Correspondence between Archbishop Wilton Gregory’s office and the White House indicates the same.

In correspondence dated May 30th and obtained by CNA, Gregory’s office declined “the kind invitation to attend the event celebrating International Religious Freedom on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at the Saint John Paul II Shrine.“

The correspondence further stated that the archbishop had “a prior commitment on his schedule at Catholic University and unfortunately must decline,” and added that Gregory had personally conveyed his regrets at being unable to attend when he spoke to a member of the White House staff directly on the evening of Friday, May 29.

Crux reported June 7 that Gregory had not been told of the visit until June 1, when it was publicly announced by the White House.

Archbishop Gregory is a liar.
What a horrible messenger of Christ.

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