President Trump, Boris Johnson Extend Offer Of Freedom To People Of Hong Kong

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Last week China voted on new laws for the people in Hong Kong and then the puppet government in Hong Kong followed in line a few days later. 

Since then, President Trump and the UK’s leader, Boris Johnson, have both made substantial gestures of support for the people in Hong Kong.

Last week China passed a law that addressed its concerns with the people of Hong Kong.  The BBC reported that the law was to include the following and make criminal the following broad acts:

  • secession – breaking away from the country
  • subversion – undermining the power or authority of the central government
  • terrorism – using violence or intimidation against people
  • activities by foreign forces that interfere in Hong Kong

One part that has got people worried is the suggestion that China could set up its own institutions in Hong Kong responsible for security.

…Many are also afraid Hong Kong’s judicial system will become like China’s.

The law was then passed by the government in Hong Kong.

President Trump responded to China’s actions in Hong Kong last week in a remarkable speech:

Yesterday, both President Trump and UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced further actions related to Hong Kong. Johnson announced that the UK would offer millions of visas to the people of Hong Kong:

Boris Johnson is ready to open the door to nearly three million Hong Kong citizens if China imposes a new security law that critics say would rob the territory of its autonomy.

The Prime Minister, writing in The Times, has offered to make what he says would be one of the “biggest changes” in the history of the British visa system to allow 2.85 million Hong Kong citizens the chance of fully-fledged citizenship.

The move, which represents a dramatic escalation in the stand-off between the UK and China, would put Hongkongers “on the route to citizenship”, said the Conservative Party leader.

This is a brilliant move by Johnson.  The people of Hong Kong are well educated, very hard working and kind people.  Any country would be blessed having them as citizens.

President Trump announced yesterday that the US was blocking China carriers from flights to the US:

The Trump administration is planning to block Chinese passenger carriers from flying into the United States, the Department of Transportation announced Wednesday, saying China is still “unable” to say when it will “allow U.S. carriers to reinstate scheduled passenger flights.” China has essentially stopped U.S. airlines from resuming service to the country. In March, China’s regulators limited foreign carriers to one flight per week. The Transportation Department says China “effectively precludes U.S. carriers from reinstating scheduled passenger flights to China,” and says it will block flights “to restore a competitive balance.”

The US and the UK are standing for the people of Hong Kong.

Via GatewayPundit

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