PC Magazine Goes ‘WOKE’ — Try’s Really Hard To Take The PC In Their Name Extremely Seriously

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Suppose you wanted to take a break from the Pandemic and the Peaceful Protests (aka riots) that have dominated the news 24/7 lately. Perhaps you wanted to check out some technology news to get away from it all, well you should probably look elsewhere than PC Magazine.

Apparently the editors of the magazine believe that the “PC” in the magazine’s name, which you might have assumed stood for “Personal Computer”, actually stands for “Politically Correct” instead

In an article appearing in the “Working from Home” section of the magazine, Senior Feature writer Chandra Steele outlines how readers can still help our Black Lives Matter despite being stuck at home by the pandemic that will no doubt kill us all

There are plenty of ways to assist protesters and the Black Lives Matter movement without leaving home during quarantine

That’s not so bad, if someone is inclined to help Black Lives Matter then they should certainly be allowed to do so. The problem begins in the articles next paragraph which explains different things that rioters peaceful protestors might need help with

First of all, readers can help by Supporting Bail Funds which the article explains as follows

Bail funds pay to get protesters out of jail and work toward ending cash bail, a system that preys on the poor. The National Bail Fund lists bail funds by state, a list of protest bail funds, and also has an emergency rapid response fund of its own. 

Wait, what? “ending cash bail”? That might sound great on the surface, but isn’t that similar to the system that New York State and Washington D.C. are currently utilizing? How is that working out?

Not so well according to a recent article appearing in the “New York Daily News” the article headlined “One dangerous bail reform law: The Legislature must fix mistakes that will make New York City neighborhoods more vulnerable to crime” explains that

New York State is one of only three states that do not allow judges to weigh the dangerousness of a subject in determining whether to remand the subject or set bail. Under the new law, judges will be expressly forbidden from remanding or setting bail even for flight risks in the cases of lower level robberies and burglaries and virtually all drug trafficking cases, no matter how many prior offenses the accused robbers, burglars, and drug dealers may have.

Well, that sounds a little crazy err somewhat different, but surely no one would take advantage of such a well-intended system, right? Sadly, no, “Fox News” also commented on no bail laws and quoted a man identified as a “subway thief”

In another case, a New York City subway thief thanked Democrats for guaranteeing his release despite hundreds of previous arrests.

“Bail reform, it’s lit!” Charles Barry said as he was being transferred by police to Manhattan Central Booking. “It’s the Democrats! The Democrats know me and the Republicans fear me. You can’t touch me! I can’t be stopped!”

Even if the PC Magazine honestly intended their article to assist “peaceful protestors” which may be a laudable goal, it appears as if “unintended consequences” has raised it’s ugly head and resulted in all protestors being released before it can be determined if the individuals under arrest are protestors or rioters.

But rather than reading like a well-intended attempt to help those who are wrongfully arrested, unable to afford bail, and basically blameless victims, the article appears to be a liberal progressive’s wish list. This was clearly demonstrated when the article suggested that readers donate to support the VoteSafe Act.

Voting is your right as an American citizen, and yet voter suppression is a tremendous issue across the country, particularly for marginalized communities. With the pandemic, voting rights are in bigger jeopardy than ever. Contact your senators and representative to support the VoteSafe Act, which calls for mail-in ballots for the 2020 election. 

Strangely, although the words “voter suppression” are thrown around by liberals everywhere, there is very little evidence that this suppression actually exists. There is however plenty of evidence that mail-in balloting is somewhat problematic.

PC Magazine doesn’t leave off there, other articles by the very woke staff of the magazine include one by the magazine’s Senior Security Advisor Max Eddy explains how readers can “lockdown” their phones in order to protest without worrying about those darn police. If that sounds bad, it’s because it is.

The purpose of the article is explained very well in the articles first paragraph

If you’re planning to exercise your right to assemble, you’ll want to protect your privacy by limiting the information authorities can gather from your phone. Our guide shows you how.

Of course, it is very important for those staging weapons, organizing looting, and enacting violence upon innocent citizens and law enforcement personnel to block their phones to keep from being tracked down and arrested. But it would seem that innocent protestors are naturally of far less interest to law enforcement. But much like “no cash bail” the act of locking down phones protects the innocent and the guilty alike. Would the authors of these articles promote locking down a phone if they knew that the person doing so was going to shoot a store owner or a police officer? We should hope not

If you had doubts as to what ideology Max supports, he makes it all clear in this paragraph

Intercepting individual messages from hundreds of thousands of people is doable, but it’s not particularly easy and doesn’t really make sense given the circumstances. Any authoritarian government monitoring a massive protest would likely be more interested in intelligence gathering for future investigation. Observers would want to know who is at the event, who they are with, and what information can be extracted to monitor them later.

Hmmmmm “Authoritarian Government”? That doesn’t sound good.

Regardless of the dubious benefits of cashless bail, mail-in balloting, unicorn ranching, blocking phones, and other grandiose liberal ideas, should PC Magazine be promoting these ideas?

In their defense, PC Magazine is far from the only publication encouraging SJWs everywhere to unite and send money to protestors, “Vox”, “Rolling Stone”, and “CNN” are all more than willing to make the rather large step from reporting to advocating. PC Magazine doesn’t seem to be an entity that would find itself reporting on politics, nor should it.

Is it too much to expect PC Magazine to report on what email platforms and processors? Are endorsements of Joe Biden far behind? Hopefully not, as explaining computers to Joe Biden is a job we wouldn’t wish on PC Magazine or anyone else for that matter.

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