In The Midst Of Chaos, LA Mayor Strips Police Budget To Give Money To ‘Communities Of Color’

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At a time when police are stretched as thin as they can be, with officers dealing with rioters and looting every night, the ridiculous mayor of Los Angeles has announced the city will be making significant cuts to the police budget in order to reinvest back into “black communities and communities of color”:

DEADLINE – Garcetti said he would be making commitments to creating racial equality. “It is time to move our rhetoric towards action to end racism in our city.”

He said the city must move beyond police reforms of the past. “Prejudice can never be part of police work…It takes bravery to save lives, too.”

“We will not be increasing out police budget,” said the mayor. That allocation is pegged at $1.8 billion in the mayor’s previously proposed budget.

Garcetti spoke of “reinvesting in black communities and communities of color.”

$100 million to $150 million in cuts…

The mayor proceeded to announce $250 million in cuts to the proposed budget and to reallocate those dollars to communities of color, “so we can invest in jobs, in education and healing.” L.A. Police Commission President Eileen Decker then announced that $100 million-$150 million of those cuts would come from the police department budget.

L.A. City Council President Nury Martinez made it official Wednesday by introducing a motion to cut LAPD funding, “as we reset our priorities in the wake of the murder of #GeorgeFloyd. This is just one small step. We cannot talk about change, we have to be about change,” Martinez tweeted.

He also announced a moratorium on adding people to the police department’s gang database:

Garcetti also declared a moratorium on putting people in the gang data base, requiring police officers to always report bad actors and increasing discipline against those officers who break the rules.

“We need to move toward a guardian-based system,” said the mayor, “by developing long term relationships between our youth and police officers.”

This comes after Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore on Monday compared looters to those officers involved in George Floyd’s death.

The people of Los Angeles deserve what they get for electing a moron to run their city. They should elect the LAPD Chief to run the city and kick Garcetti’s butt out.


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