Violent Riots, Scared Communities, Collapsed Order Prove Democrats Are All Talk And No Action

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If you think I’m going to write a reasoned and wise column about the human scum crapping on our cities, you must truly be smoking crack.

And I’m not talking about protesters. I’m talking about criminals. You go out and say what you think, maybe stand in the street blocking traffic, you are a protester. You go out and start fires and loot, you are a criminal.

An apparently bad cop in Minneapolis (full disclosure, we own a radio station there) appears — at least from the video — to have stepped way over his legitimate role in law enforcement and killed a man named George Floyd last week. The cop is white; Floyd is black.

That translates in Minnesota nice (as the natives are wont to call themselves) to looting and burning down an AutoZone, a Target store and many small businesses. The destruction doesn’t recognize the race of the business owner since some of what was burned and looted happened to be black-owned. And, oh yeah, a police precinct house.

And that rioting spread to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta, among others.

The mostly common thread is that the cities in which this bullcrap was allowed to happen are run by liberal Democrats who were ordering their cops to stand down.

Let’s be clear. The people who did the destruction are not “protesters.” They are animals and should be appropriately caged. The fact that in Minneapolis there was a sign on the AutoZone which said “free s— for everyone zone” should tell any responsible person everything he or she needs to know.


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