Seattle Mayor Makes Riots About Race To Distract From ANTIFA Terror Group

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In a series of social media posts on Sunday, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) suggested that outsiders were to blame for the violence that erupted in her city and took a moment to “acknowledge” that “white men” are “co-opting peaceful demonstrations” and are behind “much of the violence and destruction” raging in Seattle and across the country.

“I want to acknowledge that much of the violence and destruction, both here in Seattle and across the country, has been instigated and perpetuated by white men,” Durkan tweeted Sunday.

“These individuals experience the height of privilege and are co-opting peaceful demonstrations that were organized by and meant to center people of color, particularly Black Americans,” she wrote in a follow-up post.

On Saturday, Durkan provided her account of the riots that erupted in the city that day. In the thread, she condemned those who came to Seattle “with the purpose of destruction,” and made a point of differentiating them from members of “our city.” – READ MORE

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