WATCH: South Carolina Rioters Attack, Beat Young Man For Wearing Red Hat

A young man in South Carolina was chased down and beaten by a mob because he was wearing a red hat. Apparently, the color red is a sin to the Antifa thugs.

A journalist with a local news publication in South Carolina tweeted out a video on Saturday of a young man with a red hat who was attacked by a large mob.

News 19 WLTX reporter Miranda Parnell was in Columbia, South Carolina, reporting on what started out as protests but descended into violence.

One video that she posted to Twitter showed a man who she says came to the area with a red hat and who then can be seen getting chased out of the area and allegedly attacked by a large unruly mob.


The reporter posted a separate tweet noting the apparent location that she was reporting from: Columbia, South Carolina. Parnell later said that she had to go to the hospital after she was hit in the head with a rock and started bleeding.

On Saturday night, News 19 WLTX reported that law enforcement officials were searching for three suspects who reportedly fired shots at police officers in the area.

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