WATCH: Anti-Police Rioters Mob A Car Then Get Run Over, Angry That Police Weren’t There To Save Them

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F*** the police… except they still need to save us when people fight back. This is the warped mental state of the rioters across the country who hate cops until they need them.

Rioters in San Jose whined that police didn’t come save them after a car that they mobbed turned around and ran them over.

Two people were sent to the hospital, according to one of the rioters.

“The police did not one thing to that car,” the person who filmed it wrote.

The rioters were screaming at the car to come back, but seemed extremely shocked when they actually did.

In a follow up stream, the person who filmed, “Fitboy Mikeyy,” said that they ran to a house and hid.

“Me and Saul were waking back to our car leaving the protest, a car pulls up as were in the backstreets a SUV makes a u-turn and starts chasing us. START FUCKING CHASING US. A car full of white people . We run to the nearest house and hide in the back for like 5 min,” he tweeted with a video.

He also posted another angle of the incident, claiming everyone was scared and “peacefully protesting,” though people could be seen throwing things at the car, punching it and kicking it.

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