RNC Sues To Stop California’s Voter Fraud Scheme Ahead Of 2020 Election

The Democratic plan to take advantage of the COVID-19 crisis to implement a vote-by-mail system, ripe for voter fraud, is being challenged in court by the RNC.

The RNC has filed suit against California to stop Gov. Gavin Newsom from mailing ballots to all registered voters ahead of the November general election. Lawsuit comes after Newsom announced the changes in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Read The Court Filing

So this isn’t really about California right? I mean, literally no one thinks Republicans have a chance in far left commie California unfortunately. But what they are hoping to prevent is the policy going to other states. That’s what this is about.

As for whether vote by mail efforts are prone to corruption, Chris Wallace is a nonbeliever:

And that’s why everyone is tweeting for him to be fired from Fox News today!

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