BOMBSHELL: Joe Biden Could Face 10 YEARS In Jail For Illegally Leaking Flynn Info

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Senator Barrasso was on with Stuart Varney today and he made a very interesting connection – he said that the same day that Joe Biden obtained the unmasking information on Mike Flynn that it was leaked to the Washington Post.

Barrasso goes on to say that this would be a crime punishable by ten years in jail, but to Varney’s credit, he points out that many other people requested the unmasking of Flynn, so it would be difficult to pin it on one guy. It is just as likely that one of the other schmucks leaked the information, OR, even if Biden leaked it, he would likely be bright enough to cover his tracks when he did it.

On the other hand he doesn’t seem quite with it these days:

IN any case, it’s just conjecture at this point.


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