TOP RESEARCHER Warns: ‘Social Distancing’ Tool For Crowd Control/Monitoring, ZERO Proof It Stops Spread Of Viruses

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The widespread six-foot social distancing ‘rule’ that has Americans camped out on little Twister-game-like circles does nothing to keep you safe from any virus, according to whistleblower and pioneer virologist Dr. Judy Mikovits who attacked the practice as nothing more than a way to control and monitor Americans. Mikovits’ offered her medical opinion on social distancing during an epic interview on the Thomas Paine Podcast.

And Mikovits, whose new bestselling book details how Dr. Fauci had her illegally imprisoned, pulls no punches on the podcast while dropping bombshells on the corrupt U.S. government medical and research cartel and how Americans are being lied to about the coronavirus.

Via TruePundit

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