SCHUMER: Time To Move On From Tara Reade, She’s Been Listened Too And We All Believe Joe…

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Yesterday Schmucky Schumer came out and declared Tara Reade has been listened to and that Joe Biden’s explanation refuting the sexual assault allegations against him is sufficient and that he believes Joe Biden.


Below are Schmucky’s full comments:

Before the #metoo movement, women were not listened to who were telling what had happened to them. Since #metoo, women are listened to. Now I’ve heard Joe Biden’s explanation and I think it’s sufficient. I think he will be a great candidate. I think he will be a great president and I think he’ll help us take back the Senate.

So it’s enough for women just to be listened to? Geez Chuck, that sounds rather condescending don’t ya think? Shouldn’t accusations from people like Tara Reade be investigated for the truth instead of just ‘listening’ to them?

Also, since when has Tara Reade actually been listened to? It seems to me that nearly everyone on the left is just dismissing her accusation because a) Joe Biden says they weren’t true and b) because Joe is their only hope of defeating Trump. Reade’s accusation of rape has far more credibility that did Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation against Kavanaugh. Not to mention Kavanaugh was only a teen in Ford’s baloney accusation, where Biden was a sitting US Senator and Reade was his staffer.

People like Schumer and Pelosi are beclowning themselves with their hypocritical dismissals of Reade’s accusations, as are so many on the left who refuse to even give Tara Reade the time of day because it’s not politically advantageous for them to do so. And the media is going right along with it. It’s just another prime example of the garbage media and how they are in the tank for Democrats.


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