BOOM! Rand Paul Has The Stones To Call Out Dr. Fauci

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Dr. Fauci got an earful from Senator Rand Paul today, who pointed out how people have been wrong about coronavirus predictions and suggested we need to look at the Swedish model. He also told Dr. Fauci, “with all due respect” of course, that he doesn’t think he’s the end all that should be making all the decisions:

Paul made a good point, noting that outside of the New England states we haven’t seen pandemic levels of the coronavirus in many states. He was arguing that decisions should be made more on the local level as to opening up the economy and getting kids back in school.

He also argued that in all likelihood people who’ve had the virus now have immunity from getting it again, saying it’s better to say that than ‘there’s no evidence’ that people get immunity from the virus.

Dr. Fauci did respond to Paul’s comments toward the end of the video noting that when it comes to children and school, he’d rather be cautious given that there are still things they don’t know about the virus. He agreed with Paul that we should be humble about what we don’t know about the virus, but suggesting that we shouldn’t put children at risk given that we don’t know everything about the virus.


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