Here Is Absolute PROOF The Mainstream Media Unfairly Advantages Democrats In The Polls

The mainstream media has a powerful grip on America and the perception Americans have on politics. This is ever more evident when looking at the polls of two Governors during the Covid crisis.

Yes, yes the media are partisan and all about supporting Democrats.

But you knew that.

Ben Shapiro pointed out the ‘power of the press’ with a simple comparison between DeSantis and Cuomo’s COVID response:

And let’s take a look at the numbers:

But you know, Cuomo is some sort of superhero for letting 26k people die.

Don’t look at us, we don’t make up the rules.

A dictator with pierced nipples.


Take note. ^

Except for those people in nursing homes where he forced them to take patients with the virus.

And yet it’s DeSantis, who has done a fairly remarkable job with the virus, whose numbers are going down.

The press knows exactly what they’re doing … and so do we.

What do you think?

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