Liberal Media Spins Corona-Death Stats To Make Florida Reopening Look Like A Bloodbath

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There’s no media bias in the coverage of Wuhan coronavirus, right?

We’re not really seeing them heap praise on Gov. Andrew Cuomo versus President Donald Trump, despite Cuomo presiding over the state with the worst record of deaths from the virus. And we really didn’t see them bash the governor of Florida and Florida beaches while ignoring the crowding in the subway in New York City or the ignoring social distancing orders in Central Park.

So I’m sure we’re really not seeing this totally not-biased hot take tweet trying to link a record number of deaths to Florida the day after the state has begun reopening in stages.

As many then pointed out, this is a ridiculously structured tweet implying relationship of one event to the other when it simply isn’t possible, you don’t catch it and then die the next day. Unless they’ve discovered a magical new strain.

Additionally the number itself is deceptive. If you read the article, the number doesn’t indicate the number of people who died in the past day but is ‘spiking’ because it’s adding in deaths of non-Florida residents who hadn’t been previously counted and may have died weeks ago.

You don’t get it and die the next day. There’s an incubation period before it becomes apparent that averages 5 days. Not to mention there’s a lag time for deaths from when it becomes symptomatic to when someone might die, maybe ten days to two weeks.

Add to that a lag in reporting from when someone dies to when they make the list, it’s not immediate.

All told it could be weeks from getting to dying.

But hey, media being media. What would they be if they weren’t trying to sell a narrative?

Via RedState

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