China INCINERATED Nearly 50k Bodies To Hide One Thing; They Started The World Epidemic

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US intelligence officials believe that the true scale of China’s coronavirus outbreak is at least FIFTY times worse than the communist state is admitting to, and that 60,000 dead bodies per month could have been processed by the funeral homes in Wuhan.

Trump administration official said that “PRC numbers as reported today seem to be arithmetically impossible.”

“Again, we don’t know the real numbers today, but we do know the about 80,000 infections and 4,000 deaths as reported by the Chinese Communist Party propaganda are not even remotely close,” the official added.

It is believed that US intelligence has in its possession satellite images showing funeral homes in Wuhan overwhelmed by dead bodies. Officials believe that incinerators have been in constant use for 24 hours a day since the outbreak began.

The intelligence sources have noted that in a two week period between March 23 and April 4, over 500 urns were delivered to Wuhan families every day, which equates roughly to one urn per minute.

US intelligence therefore calculates a conservative estimate of 45,500 corpses having been incinerated during this time. – READ MORE

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