WATCH: Philadelphia Police Physically DRAG A Man Off Bus For Not Wearing Face Mask — City Quickly Changes Policy After Backlash

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The transit authority in Pennsylvania backed off on enforcing a rule about masks on public buses after people were outraged over a video of cops dragging out an unmasked man from a bus. Here’s their initial rule:

The policy, issued April 7, read, “SEPTA is now asking all riders to wear masks or other facial coverings, consistent with new CDC guidelines, to protect both riders and operators.”

Then this happened:

From ABC News:

In the video, the man, who is not wearing a mask or face covering, is seen being physically carried off the bus by at least four Philadelphia Police Department officers, with half a dozen or more officers outside the bus looking on.

Now, to be fair to the transit, they didn’t just drag him out, they asked him to leave and he wouldn’t comply. I would think the driver wouldn’t want to be exposed by allowing anyone to ride without a mask as well:

“A Septa bus driver requested that an unruly passenger leave the bus several times, and the passenger repeatedly refused,” the Philadelphia Police Department said in a statement. “PPD Officers arrived on location, and after being made aware of the driver’s request, also ordered the male to leave the bus several times. The male again refused, at which point he was physically removed by the officers.”

BUT, we have all seen some of the more draconian measures that other local governments are taking. These are very unpopular, and I think they will only worsen. On the other hand, there are some strong indicators that we are turning the corner on new coronavirus cases and deaths. Hang in there, people.

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