Taiwan Drops BOMB On WHO, ‘We Warned Of COVID-19 In December, WHO Refused To Listen’

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Well, this may explain why the World Health Organization has been so hostile to Taiwan during the Wuhan virus pandemic, with the Director-General even accusing the tiny nation of racism last week.

Apparently, Taiwan sent an email in December to the WHO warning them about the occurrence of a new disease in China and asking for more information. That information being investigated that early in the game could have saved tens of thousands of lives. Instead, Taiwan was ignored.

Remember, by mid-January, despite these warnings, the WHO was still insisting that there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission. They hadn’t pushed China or sounded the alarm at all, instead letting the communist nation essentially write the press releases being put out. Even when it became clear China had lied and covered up the outbreak, the WHO still accepted their information as fact, something they are continuing to do to this day.

Perhaps the worst part of this regarding Taiwan is how they’ve been treated by people like Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and his lackeys. An official from the WHO literally hung up on an Asian journalist not controlled by China’s state party because she asked about Taiwan. These people are so deep in the pocket of the Chinese that they can’t see daylight out the top.

Rumor has it that President Trump will lay out guidelines for us to begin to reduce funding and put the squeeze on the WHO. That’s absolutely the right move. We’ll see if the media choose to support what’s right or if they side with China again.

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