If You Vote For Trump In 2020 You Are ‘Mentally Ill’, According To Alec Baldwin

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Well known Hollywood douchebag Alec Baldwin, who once got kicked off a plane for fighting with the crew and was caught on tape calling his 11-year-old daughter a “thoughtless little pig”, wants us to know that anyone who votes for President Donald Trump in this year’s presidential election is “mentally ill.“

The Saturday Night Live actor said that because President Trump has fired “huge numbers” of government employees and “steamrolled the Congress“, his supporters must be suffering from mental illness to vote for him.

Trump has reached for, and nearly gained, a control of the federal unrivaled by other Presidents,” Baldwin said. “He fired huge numbers of professionals. He steamrolled the Congress, whenever possible. And now this. If you vote for Trump again, you are mentally ill.”

It is far from the first time that Baldwin has insulted Americans who support the president. In January, he argued that Trump supporters were responsible for the “desecration” of American democracy as well as the “near moral collapse of this country.”

Per Breitbart: Last July, the 62-year-old also claimed that most foreigners believe that a “mass of Americans are outright racists” because of their support for Trump. Later that month, the Boss Baby actor also accused Trump supporters of having “swallowed the poison pills of racist hatred, election fraud, a revolving door of semi-competent or outright awful appointees” because money is all they really care about.

With regard to President Trump, Baldwin recently compared his rise to power to that of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. “You wonder how Hitler took control of a once great country,” Baldwin wrote in February. “For those of you too young to recall the War or its aftermath, simply watch how this GOP-controlled Senate behaves. Their sniveling fealty and lack of courage. And you begin to get it.”

  • 5.8K

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