PA Governor Takes Corona Shut Down TOO FAR – Uses Police To FORCE Businesses Closed

Pennsylvania State Police will be assisting in enforcement of the closure of non-life-sustaining businesses in the state.

Enforcement actions against businesses that do not close physical locations will begin at 8 a.m. Monday. Click here to read Gov. Wolf’s full list of life-sustaining businesses.

Wolf enccouraged citizens to report a noncompliant business by contacting local law enforcement or the nearest state police station.

“The priority of the Pennsylvania State Police is protecting lives and maintaining order in the commonwealth. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, troopers and liquor control enforcement officers are prepared to ensure compliance with Governor Wolf’s order. Private businesses, organizations, and other noncompliant entities face possible criminal penalties under the Administrative Code of 1929, 71 P.S. § 1409 and/or the Pennsylvania Disease Prevention and Control Law of 1955, 35 P.S. § 521.20(a). Both violations are summary offenses punishable by fines and even jail time. Violators may also be subject to additional administrative penalties under certain circumstances,” Colonel Robert Evanchick, commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police said in a news release. READ MORE:

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