CNN Commentator, Rick Wilson, Makes Sickening Tweet Hoping Melania Trump Gets Infected With Coronavirus

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CNN and MSNBC commentator Rick Wilson has used his platform on Twitter to share his horrifying fantasy about Melania Trump being infected with coronavirus.

On Wednesday, the White House announced that the First Lady will be appearing in a series of public service announcements designed to educate Americans about the ways they can avoid COVID-19 infection.

In a news release, the White House said Melania will emphasize “important ways Americans can protect themselves and those most at risk,” according to CNN.

That’s when CNN commentator Rick Wilson popped up and replied to the CNN tweet, unashamedly sharing his sick fantasy with the world.

See, he’s making a pun on the first lady’s anti-bullying Be Best campaign, only he’s hoping she’s infected with a dread illness we’re all inside trying to avoid. Funny, right?

No, it’s not funny at all.

Rick Wilson’s sick message got the kind of reactions you might expect.

This was, however, a hill that Wilson was apparently willing to die on. Replying to Washington Examiner columnist Tim Carney, the apostate was unrepentant.

“Insofar as #BeBest has been a travesty from the jump, you mean?” he wrote. “Insofar as her online bullying efforts are placed in absurd contrast by her husband’s daily actions?

“That’s how I meant it,” he said

So, if a first lady has an anti-bullying campaign and you think the president is a bully, Wilson either thinks it’s funny to joke about her being infected with coronavirus or he actually believes she should be infected.

He made another vulgar attempt to explain himself. WARNING: The obscenity is not blacked out in the original tweet.)

The outrage over his comments, no. The outrage he displayed with the #BeInfected tweet, yes.

It’s difficult to imagine networks aren’t going to back away from Wilson, who apparently decided during a pandemic that it was all right to joke that Melania Trump should be a victim of the coronavirus because of her Be Best campaign, or something. Nobody is going to think that’s remotely proportional or the work of a man who’s looking at this situation in a clear-eyed and somber manner.

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