James Woods Is Right, Founders Wrote Second Amend. To Protect Us From Angry Beurocrats Like Schumer!

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Conservative actor James Woods has joined the chorus of response to recent threats by Sen. Charles Schumer against Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch.

Schumer had already faced rebuke from the Senate majority leader, calls for censure and a formal request that he be deprived of the Second Amendment right to arm himself under New York’s “red flag” law.

“I want to tell you Gorsuch,” Schumer yelled outside the Supreme Court building Wednesday. “I want to tell you Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

In what he attempted to portray as an apology, Schumer denied threatening the high court justices over a case involving a Louisiana law requiring abortion providers to have admitting privileges at a local hospital.

But Woods pointed out just how high the stakes could become in a political environment that considers Schumer’s threats normal discourse.

“When the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court must take the extraordinary step of admonishing a United States Senator from targeting the lives of named Justices, we are in civil war territory,” Woods tweeted. “The Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment for violent haters like Chuck Schumer.”

Schumer is not the only prominent Democrat who has made threats against the Supreme Court.

In an amicus brief filed in support of New York City’s position in a Second Amendment case, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse and Senate Minority Whip Richard Durbin were joined by three other senators, including former presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand, in threatening a restructuring of the Supreme Court to “reduce the influence of politics.”

Of course, the Supreme Court could avoid being “restructured” by ruling the way those senators wanted it to rule.

Whitehouse also came to Schumer’s apparent defense on Twitter Wednesday, arguing that Chief Justice John Roberts’ letter scolding Schumer for his threats had “zero credibility.”

When one adds Whitehouse’s comments — and the amicus brief — to Schumer’s threats, there is a disturbing pattern that is quite evident.

Democrats want the Supreme Court to rule a certain way on certain cases … or else.

It’s also interesting — albeit admittedly a bit unfair — to hypothesize about what would have happened if a Republican senator had said what Schumer did. Would the liberal establishment media be quiet, or would we have yet another cycle of manufactured outrage?

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