SICK Democrat Councilwoman Publicly Encourages People With Coronavirus To Infect Trump Supporters

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A Democratic Denver city councilwoman appeared this week to endorse the idea of weaponizing the deadly coronavirus against supporters of President Donald Trump.

Candi CdeBaca, a social worker and community organizer, made the remarks on Monday from her District 9 city council Twitter account.

CdeBaca was responding to a Twitter user who pledged to “attend every MAGA rally” she could if she became infected with the highly contagious virus, which has killed nearly 3,000 people in 60 countries since it emerged in China in December, according to the World Health Organization.

“#solidarity Yaaaas!!” CdeBaca tweeted in reply, adding a raised fist emoji and two emojis to indicate laughter.

Original Tweet

CdeBaca’s tweet earned him sharp condemnation from commenters on social media, some of whom called for her resignation.

“Classless, unprofessional, and thoroughly hateful,” tweeted one user.

Of course, Democrats will still feign ignorance and attack President Trump for, correctly, calling them out.

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