WATCH: Crowd Erupts With Laughter With Trumps Humorous Coronavirus Response!

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Yesterday in Trump’s news conference regarding the Coronavirus there was a funny moment where Trump described an incident that happened to him recently:

For those of you who might not be able to see the video (it’s much funnier if you watch it), Trump is simply talking about washing your hands and staying clean in order to keep from getting sick.

He then described an incident from a week ago where someone came up to him hugging and kissing him that the hadn’t seen in a long time. He asked the person “are you well”? The person replied “no, I have the worst fever and the worst flu.”

Trump continued, “And he’s hugging and kissing me. So I said excuse me and I went and I started watching my hands.” Trump said you have to wash your hands, you have to treat the Coronavirus like the flu in terms of staying clean and not touching ever handrail unless you have to. And so forth.


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