Uncovering The Fraud That Is Adam Schiff, A Shill For The Clinton Crime Family

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Adam Schiff sure is great at sniffing out imaginary crimes by anyone remotely connected to the Trump administration, but how well does he uncover actual crimes committed by his political cronie… err, allies? Not so well as it turns out.

First of all it is important to uncover exactly who this Adam Schiff character is and where exactly he comes from, or as the title of this article frames the question “What rock did this guy crawl out from under?”.  In describing Adam Schiff in his excellent article entitled “Impeachment, Adam Schiff, 2020 and the Clintons – So many questions (and still no answers)” David Bossie a Fox News contributor and former deputy campaign manager for Donald Trump declares that:

“Schiff is a Clinton hatchet man.”

Bossie then admonishes us that:

“The background of the Schiff-Clinton relationship is an important part of the current impeachment farce and must not be overlooked.”

It’s hard not to overlook the Schiff-Clinton relationship as for some odd reason the Main Street Media seems to completely overlook it and very few Conservative News outlets openly discuss it. But it is definitely there and worth both discussion and intense scrutiny.

Watching the smarmy Democratic Congressman lie and manipulate and otherwise engage in duplicitous behavior should be highly reminiscent of a Clinton (particularly Bill or Hillary) as demonstrated time and time again during their (the Clinton’s) wonder years when they occupied various positions (President, Secretary of State, etc.) within our government and in the public eye. In fact Bill Clinton’s patent dishonesty caused him to be impeached by the House of Representatives (although later acquitted in the Senate).

One thing that is well known about the Clinton Crime family is the fact that they do not take failure or defeat well (as evidenced by the endless attempts to get a 2016 election do over), and it was this inability to accept defeat that spawned the political career of Adam Schiff.

Thirsty for vengeance against the Republican impeachment managers, the Clinton’s sought to remove all of their (many) enemies from office,and any one involved in the impeachment of Bill Clinton was immediately targeted by the Clinton’s as Bossie points out:

“….the Clintons and their loyal pack of political operatives made it a priority to defeat the Republicans House impeachment managers in the 2000 elections.”

And (and this is where it gets interesting):

“One of those races was against California Republican Representative James Rogan. Rogan took a leading role in the Clinton impeachment effort and became a top target for the Clinton team.”

It wasn’t only Fox News that reported on Clinton’s revenge tactics, the “Baltimore Sun” (which is rated “left of center” by “”) in an article authored by Jack W. Germond and Jules Witcover made the same observation as eluded to by the article’s title “Democrats hit Rogan to avenge Clinton” 

The article clearly points out that

“Republican Rep. James Rogan,(was) targeted for political extinction by the Democratic Party for his aggressive and compromising role as a House manager in the impeachment of President Clinton”

If that wasn’t quite clear cut enough, the Sun article also alluded to the fact that:

“The Rogan-Schiff contest is the highest-profile House race in the country as a result of Mr. Rogan’s role and the determination of the Democrats to punish him for it.

That seems pretty straight forward, also of note was the length that the Clinton’s (and Democratic party as a whole) went through to unseat Rogan and insert Adam Schiff. The Conservative website “” offered up an article written by Joel B. Pollak that remarks upon those efforts, writing that:

“When Clinton was acquitted in 1999 of perjury and obstruction of justice charges, the Clintons vowed to take Jim Rogan out. And together with a loyal pack of national leftist operatives, they engineered the biggest funneling of Democratic money into a single U.S. House race in American history. To distance them from Clinton’s affairs, they picked Adam Schiff, a fledgling leftist party lapdog as their pawn to checkmate Rogan’s career.”

“…leftist party lapdog” seems like a pretty apt description. This sentiment is echoed in an excellent article that appeared on “”. In this article entitled “Adam Schiff Goes to Washington to impeach” author William Haupt III clearly outlines the relationship between the Clintons and Adam Schiff. Haupt attributes the rise of Adam Schiff directly to the Clinton’s

“This is politics of the worst kind. Following the impeachment of Bill Clinton, in the House election of 2000, Democrats made defeating Jim Rogan their highest priority. Adam Schiff was delegated as Clinton’s hatchet-man on the left coast. And Schiff has been paying interest on the debt he owes to his party and the Clintons ever since. When Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump, they told Schiff, “It’s time to pay the debt in full.”

And according to Haupt’s, the debt was quite large as his article points out:

“Bill Clinton even held a fundraiser in Washington for Schiff. This was the first time in history a president hosted a fundraiser for a congressional candidate who was not an incumbent”.

After securing his election with a substantial war chest stuffed with out of state donations Schiff made the following statement, which given the course of events to follow may well be regarded as one of the most ironic statements in the long and storied history of politics (which is fraught with ironic statements):

“Voters realized my opponent’s intentions about impeachment were completely politically motivated.”

It was following his very expensive election that Schiff began to seriously pay back the Clintons for their largesse. When one half of the Clinton Crime family (Hillary) came under fire for her actions as Secretary of State (specifically the disaster that occurred in Benghazi) Schiff came to her defense immediately

“Although the Democrat’s own report found compound security was compromised, Schiff adamantly defended their presumptive presidential nominee from any blame. Schiff evaded every question about her “lost emails”? One reporter said, “Schiff protected Clinton as if she was his stepmother.”

Of course no one really expected anything less of Schiff, defending his chief benefactors was of primary importance to Schiff and nothing – not robbing Haitian charities, selling U.S. Uranium or peddling influence to benefit her rather questionable (to put it kindly) foundation would motivate Schiff to speak ill of Hillary Clinton

Fast forward to today and Schiff’s impeachment antics. The hypocrisy of Adam Schiff is readily apparent to anyone who can be bothered to do so much as a cursory examination (which excludes most Liberals and most notably Liberal journalists) of the Adam Schiff who campaigned against impeachment to the impeachment obsessed Adam Schiff who is currently a member of Congress.

Writing for Fox News (one of the only media sources apparently interested in the duplicity of Adam Schiff) Adam O’Reilly penned an article entitled Schiff called ‘hypocrite’ as past comments criticizing Clinton impeachment emerge” in this article O’Reilly highlighted some comments by Eric Early (who is running against Schiff in November)

“Adam Schiff is a total hypocrite,” Eric Early, a Republican attorney challenging Schiff in 2020, told Fox News. “He first ran for Congress opposing impeachment and saying he would fix problems in the district. Now, two decades of completely abandoning our district later, Schiff thinks this impeachment outrage is a good idea, and he still hasn’t fixed a single problem in the district.”

Early (not pulling any punches) continued

“He disrespects America by trying to undo the 2016 election and spends all this time putting on makeup for his next TV hit,” Early added. “He’s a national disgrace, and California voters deserve better.”

Jennifer Barbosa (another candidate running against Schiff) appears to agree with Early and had commented upon Schiff’s poor record in battling homelessness in the 28th Congressional District that Schiff supposedly represents. O’Reilly’s article quoted Barbosa as saying that:

“Adam Schiff has been my congressman since 2012. He became my congressman through the redistricting process,” Barbosa, an independent, said. “Since he became my congressman he has not presented any legislation that’s become law. In terms of homelessness, what he’s done is he’s basically rubber-stamped Maxine Waters’ bill to deal with homelessness, and her bill essentially replicated the same failed policies that [L.A.] Mayor [Eric] Garcetti has implemented in our city over the past few years.”

As evidence of the above, O’Reilly offers the following:

“Schiff’s 28th congressional district has seen a 12 percent spike in homelessness over the last year, with 59,000 homeless people now living in Los Angeles County, according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development. And 75.2 percent of those homeless citizens are unsheltered and without refuge.”

Further elaborating on the homeless numbers in Schiff’s 28th district Barbosa made the following observation:

“Homelessness is up 75 percent since he became our congressman, and the fact that he’s pursuing this impeachment while we have the astronomical numbers — crime is up and rape up in the city of L.A.; assaults, arson — it’s really unspeakable what’s happening,”

There is a lot to be said about the politics of distraction that dominate the careers of both Schiff and Waters (another impeachment obsessed Liberal), in fact distraction, deflection and dishonesty are something of a Schiff/Waters trifecta.

Sadly the District that Adam Schiff represents is currently rated by “” as safe and solid, with very little chance of the eight candidates opposing Schiff to unseat him. It can only be hoped that if the dishonesty and duplicity Schiff has demonstrated in the past year can be exposed to America in general and residents of the 28th District in particular Schiff’s days of mugging for the camera and attacking President Trump over anything and everything will come to an end.

Perhaps then the reprehensible Schiff can return under his rock – at least we can all hope

Written by Patrick M. Arnold

Retired from the United States Army where he proudly served the country he loves. Still carrying on the fight against All of America’s enemies. Disgusted with the state of politics in our country and committed to changing us back to something recognizable as America. Find him on Twitter as @PatrickArnold77

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