Mayor DeBlasio’s Words Encouraged An Attempted Murder Against Cops…Now The NYPD Seeks To REMOVE HIM!

An NYPD union declared war on Bill DeBlasio over recent acts of violence against the police officers.

Here’s a video of a NYPD union rep:

Police captured the suspect after he walked into a precinct office and started shooting:

Another version of the video:

They believe he was the same shooter who tried to assassinate two cops yesterday. From the New York Post:

Just hours after ambushing a pair of cops and shooting one in the chin, an unhinged gunman stormed a Bronx police precinct and emptied his clip — striking a lieutenant before being taken into custody by officers, officials said.

The armed man, identified by sources as Robert Williams, walked into the station house on Longwood Avenue in Huntspoint around 8 a.m. and started shooting, according to the sources.

Lt. Jose Gautreaux was hit by gunfire in the arm, the sources said.

The shooting comes less than 12 hours after a pair of Bronx cops were shot at while sitting in a marked patrol van in the neighborhood. Only one of the officers was injured in the unprovoked attack.



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