No Surprise Here, Mitt Romney ‘Proudly’ Announces Vote To Impeach President

Romney is on the floor of the Senate now, explaining why he will be the only Republican to vote to impeach Trump based on the partisan House impeachment case:

Here’s more:

AXIOS – Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) will vote to convict President Trump in the Senate impeachment trial.

Romney is the only Republican senator to break ranks and vote to remove Trump from office, though the president is still expected to be acquitted later today.

Romney was Democrats last chance for a bipartisan conviction vote, after Sen. Susan Collins (R-Utah) announced earlier Tuesday that she will vote to acquit the president.

Romney and Collins were the only two Republican senators that voted last week to allow witnesses and documents in the trial — a call that otherwise failed along party lines.

As I noted, Romney is on the Senate floor now. Here’s a few quotes from him:

So in a nutshell, Romney has become a hero on the left as they praise him for his choice to impeach Trump. What a joke. It’s a shame he was only recently elected to the Senate and we have to put up with him for another four more years.

UPDATE: Video of Romney making this announcement on the Senate floor:


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