The. End. Is. Near! Democrats Lack EVERYTHING To Continue Senate Trial

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Senate Democrats do not appear to have the votes that they need to prolong President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial by calling for more witnesses and documents.

Fox News senior reporter Chad Pergram wrote: “Senate does not appear to have the votes to open the door to witnesses tomorrow night. Collins and Romney for witnesses. Alexander opposed. Even if Murkowski is a yes, they don’t have the votes. 50-50 vote is a tie, which by rule, fails.”

Pergram noted that if Democrats do not have the votes needed to call for more witnesses that “the Senate would then vote for verdicts on both articles.”

Pergram’s analysis came immediately after Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) announced just minutes prior that he was not in favor of calling for additional witnesses and documents in the trial. – READ MORE


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