As Iran Savagely Attacks Its Own Citizens, Trump Reminds The Oppressed That America Is An Ally Against Evil!

As Nick Arama covered previously, massive protests are occurring in Iran after the government was forced to admit that it shot down a Ukranian airliner as it took off from Tehran Airport. Various US government officials and politicians have voiced their support throughout the day, and now President Trump has tweeted his support to the peaceful protesters. His words demonstrate to the world and to the Iranian people that his/our beef is with the regime, not with the Iranian people.

His tweets were sent in both Persian and English and warn the regime to not massacre peaceful protesters or cut off internet access to the Iranian people.

“The world is watching,” and we know that the Iranian regime is watching as well since they took the Democrats’ social media talking points absolving Iran of responsibility for shooting down a civilian airliner and murdering 180 people and made them their own. Will the Democrats now come out supporting the Iranian people, who have lived under this brutal, oppressive regime for 40 years, or keep blaming the United States because “Orange Man Bad?” Perhaps they’ll surprise us this time and do the right thing.

Via RedState

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