Pete Buttigieg Gets SMASHED By Christians After Claiming Jesus Was Born ‘As A Refugee’

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Every Christmas, denizens of Twitter are treated to social justice warriors using Biblical stories as virtue-signaling epithets for their progressive agendas. South Bend mayor and presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg decided to use the story of Jesus Christ’s birth as a metaphor for advancing illegal immigration. Needless to say, Christians weren’t impressed by his ludicrous comparison.

There was a time when Jesus and his family were refugees, but that was not an aspect of his birth nor can it be used as a proper comparison to the border crisis. Joseph and Mary were fleeing actual persecution when they went to Egypt. The border crisis is sparked almost entirely by economic asylum-seekers. Jesus and his family went to Egypt for a short time. Migrants have no intention of ever leaving. Streiff at RedState laid down the reality of their situation.

No, Jesus Was Not a Refugee and He Was Not Homeless, at no point in Scripture, or, if you are Catholic, in Sacred Tradition is there any intimation that Jesus was born in poverty. Tradition holds that Saint Joseph was a carpenter. Lately there has been a debate among lefty theologians over his occupation, rendered by Matthew as “tektori,” and whether than meant “carpenter.” Tektori can mean any skilled artisan. There is a hint, based on the procedures laid out for a census in 1st Century Egypt, that Joseph might have had some property interest in Bethlehem that would have required him to register for the census there. The upshot is that Joseph was a skilled craftsman and while probably not affluent, he most likely provided a home for his family that was a bit above the poverty line for Judea in the 1st Century AD.

Jesus was not homeless. He was born in a manger because his parents arrived in a Bethlehem in the midst of an influx of people there to register for the census. There were no rooms to be had. It was the manager or nothing. The Holy Family had a home in Nazareth.

Finally, Jesus was not a refugee.

As Buttigieg struggles to reconcile his alleged Christian faith with a party that has become antithetical to Christianity, he often wields his faith as a weapon. This is not intended to endear him to Democrats or make Republicans and Independents consider him. It’s a message to primary voters that he has what they may consider to be kryptonite in the fight against President Trump and his strong support from his evangelical base. He talks religiously with a wink and a nod to quietly whistle to Democrats, “Hey guys, I can win because I do biblespeak and I can use it against Trump in 2020.”

Conservatives and Christians on Twitter called him out for it.

Jesus Christ was not born into suffering. His earthly family was neither poor nor refugees. His story is not a metaphor to push for open borders policies here and around the world, Pete Buttigieg. It’s a guide for life and death, a message of hope beyond this world.

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