Video Emerges Of House Democrat Candidate Being Disgustingly Anti-Semitic…Liberals Are Predictably Silent

A highly disturbing video of House Democratic candidate Cenk Uygur emerged Sunday where he said that a “bulldozer is my plan for Jerusalem.”

The video appears to be from a 2006 interview Uygur participated in on Air America Radio, a now defunct progressive platform. In the segment, the creator of “The Young Turks” and a host were commenting on Middle East foreign policy issues when Uygur went off on an anti-Israel tirade.

“Jerusalem is a pain in the whole world’s a**. My god gave it to me. No my god gave it to me. First of all, you all sound like total morons,” he said, referring to Muslims and Jews who make claims over territories in the region.

‘Bulldoze the whole damn thing’
Uygur said the way to solve tensions in the Middle East is to get rid of Jerusalem entirely. “Look, bulldozer is my plan for Jerusalem. Bulldoze the whole damn thing so nobody goes back in,” he stated. – READ MORE

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