WATCH: Rep. Matt Gaetz UNLEASHES Everything On Impeachment Democrats…It’s A Beautiful Sight!

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Wednesday’s impeachment hearing in the House Judiciary Committee was comprised of exactly four law professors giving their opinions of what they thought President Trump meant when he spoke with the Ukrainian president last July. In five minutes, Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) laid down so much cover fire and hit so many targets, that when he was done his verbal “smoke” hung in the air.

Gaetz established that all the professors supported Democratic presidential candidates and most had given them thousands of dollars. He asked them to raise their hands if they had any personal knowledge of any material facts from Congressman Adam Schiff’s impeachment report. All hands stayed down. And he noted that at least two of them had been calling for Trump’s impeachment for years:

Gaetz also took to task Stanford University Professor Pamela Karlan for making fun of conservatives and Barron Trump’s name:

His questioning also saw Karlan explain that she’d given more money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign because “I’ve been giving to a lot of charities recently because of all the poor people in the United States.” No translation was available.

Watch the whole thing for yourself:

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