Royal Family In Shock After Prince Andrew’s Ex Threatens To REVEAL Every Detail Of Elite Pedophilia!

Prince Andrew’s ex-girlfriend has threatened to blow the whistle on an elite pedophile network involving Jeffrey Epstein, the British Royal familyBill Clinton and others.

43-year-old Lady Victoria Hervey is considering publishing a tell-all memoir about her time with the prince and his depraved friends – something that could threaten hundreds of powerful VIPs implicated in the Jeffrey Epstein child sex scandal.

Lady Hervey recently confirmed that she been the target of Epstein at his New York ‘House of Horrors,’ in an interview with ITV. reports: According to the Sun, there are many details about Epstein’s friendship with Prince Andrew that she has not shared with the public, but is hoping to share in the book. An anonymous source close to Hervey told The Sun that there is “a lot that she has never revealed about the Royal family,” adding that “She’s done many interviews but has always kept many things under her belt.” However, with all of the media attention around the issue and all of the major threatening characters in the drama either dead or on the run, she feels that now is the time to tell everything she knows.

The source indicated that Hervey was recently given a “lucrative offer” from an anonymous book publisher, and that she is strongly considering taking the deal.

Hervey and Prince Andrew dated briefly in 1999, and although a romance was never sparked between the two, she became a trusted part of his inner circle, which is why she came into contact with Epstein and his entourage from time to time. In interviews since Andrew’s disastrous appearance on the BBC, Hervey has still been defensive about the prince’s role in Epstein’s crimes, and has even taken issue with how the young girls who have made the allegations are being portrayed as victims in the media.

Hervey claimed that “these girls were living the high life,” because of the lifestyle that they were given access to. Hervey claimed that “trafficking” is not the proper term to describe what happened to these girls, because they were not held in cages or chains. However, despite her defense of the prince, she still openly admits that many of the accusations against Epstein are true, so this book, if it does get published, will likely have plenty of incriminating evidence about the prince as well. With such an enticing offer on the table for Hervey, chances are slim that she will turn it down.

Via NewsPunch

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