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WATCH: Kamala Harris Threatens To Use Communist Tactics To Shut Down Drug Companies That Don’t Do What She Wants

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“We will take over!”

Kamala Harris, on the campaign trail, is now openly using Communist tactics to threaten American companies to do her bidding.

Blaze Reported

In case America needed another reminder that the Democratic Party has fallen off the deep end, at a recent campaign appearance, presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said that she would strip drug companies of their patents if they refuse to do what she wants.

A video shared by the Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra shows Harris speaking on stage at a campaign event in Iowa. After explaining how, if she were elected president, the federal government would set drug prices to average global prices for the medicines, she declares that she would seize the patents of pharmaceutical companies that refuse to comply with her demands.

Even Democratic primary voters were skeptical of her proposal and asked, “can we do that?” She responded, “Yes, we can do that! (….) I have the will to do it!”

Democrats have flirted with the idea of setting price controls on pharmaceutical drugs for years. However, these ideas have been regularly blasted by economists and health experts.

In 2017, Peter Pitts, the president and co-founder of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest, wrote in National Review that “[d]rug-price controls might conceivably result in small, short-term savings, but ultimately they hurt patients by restricting access to medicines and preventing the creation of new, breakthrough treatments.” Pitts also noted that price controls on drugs “creates shortages and stifles research.”nationalized health care

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