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WATCH: Liberal Idiot, AOC, Accuses Jewish Trump Adviser Of Being A ‘Nazi’, Weaponizing His Jewish Nationality To Cover For Border Concentration Camps!

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Last Friday night on MSNBC, AOC accused Stephen Miller of being the perfect Nazi by using his Jewish ethnicity to provide cover for horrific and inhumane concentration camps on the border:

Ok first of all, we know from earlier this year that AOC is lying about the migrant facilities at the border. She simply doesn’t like the fact that we are holding migrants who cross the border illegally in facilities until their court dates or until they are deported. And she, like most Democrats, refuse to admit that Obama did the same thing when nobody cared.

So even if Stephen Miller was this secret Nazi she’s claiming him to be, what then does that make Obama who had 100,000 children in these migrant facilities in 2015, which we learned yesterday?

Democrats like AOC don’t care about facts and reality. They only care about the narrative they can create to try and destroy their enemies because that’s what socialists do when they are fighting for the power to ‘transform’ this country.


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