Rep. Scalise Smiles And Laughs, Says Lots Of Democrats Regret Impeachment Push After Today’s Circus

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Many House Democrats regret the party’s headlong rush to launch an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, according to House Minority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana.

Scalise spoke Tuesday with Laura Ingraham on the Fox News show “The Ingraham Angle.” Ingraham asked Scalise if there was a buyer’s remorse among Democrats who initially supported the impeachment inquiry.

Public hearings as part of the inquiry began Wednesday before the House Intelligence Committee. On Tuesday, Scalise referred to the hearings as a “witch hunt,” according to The Washington Post.

“I think there is a lot of buyer’s remorse, Laura, especially when you look at the fact when a lot of these members of Congress go back home,” Scalise said.

“They’re in the majority. And people say, OK, what have you done with it to help improve my life?”

The lawmaker said that nothing has been accomplished because, despite Democrats having the majority in the House, Democratic leaders have put impeachment ahead of the people’s business.

“Things like lowering the cost of prescription drugs could be law today, except that they are obsessed with impeachment. Our troops aren’t getting the tools they need right now, Laura, because Pelosi is obsessed with impeachment. Our border is not secure because Pelosi is obsessed with impeachment,” Scalise said.

“That’s the kind of stuff they are hearing about when they go back home, as they should because people are looking at this, going, ‘Wait a minute, the president didn’t do anything wrong.’”

Scalise noted that Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has said that Trump did not apply any pressure during a controversial July 25 call between the two leaders.

“In fact, Zelensky himself — there were only two participants in the call, and Zelensky himself said there was no pressure. And he got the money. And so Democrats still move forward because they made this unholy pact with their far-left socialist base that wanted to impeach Trump on day one,” Scalise said.

Scalise said that voter anger is not only a threat to Democrats in majority Republican states.

“It’s all these swing states. It’s all these swing districts in the swing states where people care about their pocketbooks. They like the fact that President Trump fought to get the economy going again and they’re seeing higher wages right now and all Democrats are talking about is impeaching the president over some whistleblower that they’re hiding from the public.”

Scalise criticized the whistleblower as having “heard something third-hand and from somebody else about something that didn’t even happen.”

Democrats’ claims of a quid pro quo founder on the facts, Scalise said.

“This is all about withheld money that ultimately wasn’t withheld,” he said, referring to military aid that was delayed in getting to Ukraine — a delay Ukrainian officials have said they did not know existed.

“The facts are on the president’s side,” Scalise said.

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