Call It Quits Sanford, We All Know Who Will Be Victorious 2020

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If you want to have a good laugh, here’s the news for you: former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has announced that he will suspend his presidential campaign. This because, well, nobody was interested in it. At all.

“I am suspending my race for the Presidency because impeachment has made my goal of making the debt, deficit and spending issue a part of this presidential debate impossible right now,” Sanford said in a statement released to the few members of the press interested in whatever he had to say. “From day one, I was fully aware of how hard it would be to elevate these issues with a sitting president of my own party ignoring them. Impeachment noise has moved what was hard to herculean as nearly everything in Republican Party politics is currently viewed through the prism of impeachment.”

This is, I have to say, quite hilarious. After all, if you take Sanford at his word, you’d think that his campaign ran into trouble because of the impeachment saga. That is not true, however. As PJMedia’s own Rick Moran reported, a mere three people showed up when Sanford launched his campaign. Even Trump-hating CNN has to admit that voters simply weren’t interested in whatever Sanford thought he was selling them:

Sanford’s message failed to resonate with Republican and Independent voters looking for an alternative to Trump. On a cross-country road trip to promote his candidacy last month, Sanford drew only sparse crowds of curious onlookers, or none at all.

Trump’s other “challengers,” former (Illinois) Rep. Joe Walsh and former (Massachusetts) Gov. Bill Weld, remain in the race for the moment. Of course, that’s great for those of us (like myself) who really can use a good laugh every now and then. For them, however, it’s slightly less entertaining considering the fact that, well, they’re making gigantic fools of themselves. Just like Sanford did.

Via PJMedia

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