Nikki Haley Is A Force Of Nature And The Liberal Media Just Got Ruined By Her!

This morning Nikki Haley was grilled on the Today Show about all things Trump, whether Ukraine, Putin or Trump’s mental acuity. But she never faltered in defending Trump and telling the truth about her experience with him:

The only thing Haley really conceded in this interview, after being cornered on just the substance of Trump’s request to investigate Biden, was that it’s never a good idea to ask a foreign government to investigate an American citizen.

However, she turned around and pointed the finger right back at Savannah Guthrie and told her that there are questions that need to be answered about what Biden did and whether or not he abused his position and that if they are going to look into what Trump did, they should care about Biden too.

And when it came to the end of the interview and Guthrie just had to ask about Trump’s mental acuity and his truthfulness, even though they were admittedly over time, Haley once again defended Trump saying that she never questioned whether he could handled the job or not and said that he’d always been truthful with her, always listened to her and was great to work with.

Watch the interview for more…


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