Sen. Chuck Grassley Quietly Brings Hillary One Step Closer To Prison

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Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) on Monday sent Secretary of State Mike Pompeo a letter seeking information on what administrative steps were taken to hold accountable the staffers who “deliberately” mishandled classified information that was transmitted over then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private server system.

A few weeks ago the State Department completed an internal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server system and cited 38 people for violations.

The Associated Press reported that the State Department determined that 38 people were “culpable” in a whopping 91 cases of sending classified material in emails that ended up on Hillary Clinton’s private server.

The State Department found nearly 600 violations involving classified information.

Grassley blasted Hillary Clinton and her use of a private server while she was the head of the Department of State in prepared remarks from the Senate Floor last week.

Senator Grassley also ripped James Comey for his failed leadership and for exonerating Hillary Clinton as “extremely careless” during a July 2016 presser rather than “grossly negligent” which carries criminal implications under the Espionage Act.

Grassley is seeking the identity and titles of the officials and what sanctions were imposed, and for each of them, at what level was the material classified.

The Iowa Senator also asked Pompeo for all email communications between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, including the emails referenced in a June 2016 text message by Peter Strzok: “Jim – I have the POTUS – HRC emails [Director Comey] requested at end of briefing yesterday. I hesitate to leave them, please let me know a convenient time to drop them off.”

Grassley said in his letter to Pompeo that the State Department has until November 19 to answer the following questions:

Generally, communications between the President and other cabinet-level officials are of a very sensitive and classified nature.  The failure to safeguard classified information by exposing it to unclassified systems without proper authority puts national security at risk.  Accordingly, to better understand how the State Department undertook its review and what sanctions were imposed against those officials who were found to have violated security protocols, please answer the following questions no later than November 19, 2019:
  1. The State Department identified 91 security violations attributable to 38 people.  What are the names and titles of these officials? For each official, what sanction was imposed and at what level was the mishandled information classified?
  1. The State Department identified an additional 497 security violations where culpability could not be identified.  Please explain in greater detail why culpability could not be identified and at what level was the mishandled information classified?
  1. The State Department found that some of its officials “deliberately transmitted” classified information via unclassified email.  What are the names and titles of these officials, at what level was the mishandled information classified, and has the State Department referred any of them to the Justice Department for potential prosecution?  If not, why not?
  1. The review noted that some officials were not interviewed.  Please list each individual that was not interviewed and the reason why.
  1. Please provide all email communications between Secretary Clinton and President Obama, including those emails referenced by the Strzok text.  In addition, in your written response, please note the classification level of those emails and whether they were part of the security review.

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