McDonald’s CEO FIRED Just Days After Katie Hill Cried About Supposed ‘Double Standard’ For Men

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Last week we were assured by an elected official who resigned after improper relationships with at least TWO subordinates that SHE was the real victim here.

Katie Hill had been schtupping not one, but at least TWO subordinates, despite having served in that position for less than a year.

But Katie is a VICTIM, you see. She’s not a predator having intimate relationships with people on an unequal position of power, whose ability to give genuine consent is cloudy at best. No, no, no. We mustn’t think that.

And we were assured that women get a boot in the ass because society is misogynistic, but men get a pass.

But just days later McDonald’s has fired it CEO, Steve Easterbrook, after he admitted to a consensual relationship with an employee:

And it wasn’t long before everyone pointed out the hypocrisy:



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