Obama Created A Monster To Fight Republicans…Now That It Threatens To Consume Him, He Wants It Dead!

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Maybe this will wake up the “woke.”

Former President Barack Obama gave the leftists of 2019 a rare look at reason on Tuesday with a short sermon on their current obsession with ideological purity.

And one of his former top mouthpieces told CNN’s Don Lemon that Obama was delivering a warning to the candidates in the Democratic field for the party’s presidential nomination as well as the party itself, according to Mediaite.

The left’s extreme reaction to President Donald Trump, said Obama White House communications director Jen Psaki, is limiting the party’s reach.

Has someone on the Democratic side started to notice?

According to Mediaite, Obama was speaking at the third annual Obama Foundation summit in Chicago.

“This idea of purity and you’re never compromised, and you’re always politically ‘woke,’ and all that stuff, you should get over that quickly,” he said. “The world is messy. There are ambiguities. People who do really good stuff have flaws.”

To most adults, that sounds like a reasonable way of looking at things — a sensible perspective on the politics that go into governing a nation of more than 300 million individuals.

In other words, it sounds way more mature than the current crop of Democratic presidential contenders and their noisy, increasingly leftist base.

As conservative commentator Tomi Lahren pointed out on Fox News, the fact that the most pro-socialistpro-abortion and anti-Israel president in American history now sounds like “the voice of reason” shows just how far the Democratic Party has wandered since Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

“What’s really nice to hear is Barack Obama standing up for our rights and our values of the First Amendment,” Lahren said Wednesday on “Fox & Friends.” “Just remember that we used to think Barack Obama was bad.”


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