Sickening! Hillary Clinton Uses Elijah Cummings Funeral to ATTACK Melania Trump During Eulogy

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Hillary Clinton was invited to speak at the funeral of Rep. Elijah Cummings in Baltimore on Friday, but she seemed more interested in using the platform to make sly digs at the president and first lady than eulogizing the late congressman.

The twice failed presidential candidate said that Cummings, who died this month at 68, was like the Old Testament prophet Elijah because he “stood against the corrupt leadership of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel.”

Hillary did not name the president, but her message could not have been clearer. Before his death, Cummings was one of the leaders of the current impeachment inquiry into the president.

Hillary’s Biblical dig brought raucous applause from a majority Democrat crowd gathered to honor the late House Oversight Committee chairman in Baltimore. Two former presidents, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton were also in attendance.

MailOnline report: King Ahab was a corrupt and evil leader of Israel; Jezebel was his wife, a Phoenician princess who adorned herself in fine clothing and jewelry, and worshiped the false god Baal, only to ultimately meet her doom. In the Old Testament Elijah brought the kingdom of Israel back to the true path of God.

“Our Elijah could call down fire from heaven. But he also prayed and worked for healing,” Clinton said.

“Like that Old Testament prophet, he stood again corrupt leadership of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel,” she said.

“He weathered storms and earthquakes, but he never lost his faith,” Clinton said.

“And he looked out for the vulnerable among us. And he kept reminding us, life is no dress rehearsal,” she added.

“The American people want to live their lives without fear of their leaders,” Clinton said, “and as leaders, we have a responsibility to keep the promises made when running for office to make the lives of Americans better,” she said.

Clinton lost to Donald Trump in 2016 after a bitterly contested election. Her former spokesman on Thursday refused to rule out 100 per cent that she wouldn’t run again.

In her eulogy Clinton praised Cummings, a leading force in the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump, as someone who ‘stood against corrupt leadership.’

The former Democratic lawmaker’s funeral drew a Who’s Who of Democratic leaders past and present to the New Psalmist Baptist church in Cummings’ hometown of Baltimore, as well as thousands of other supporters.

Former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, as well as 2020 Democratic candidates like Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, were among those attending the funeral.

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