All Hell Breaks Loose After Trump Refers To Impeachment Nonsense As A Modern Day ‘Lynching’

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This morning Trump took to Twitter and called the Democrat impeachment inquiry a “lynching”:

He’s referring to it as a lynching because Democrats are conducting this inquiry “without due process or fairness or any legal rights”.

But liberals, of course, were outraged at the characterization because apparently only blacks can talk about being lynched…

Even some on the right didn’t like it…

I gotta say, I don’t hate the characterization by Trump. He’s obviously referring to the injustice of what is being done to him by Democrats conducting this impeachment inquiry. As he points out, it is being done “without due process or fairness or any legal rights”. And this is true. I know the word ‘lynching’ is loaded with a terrible history, but I think it does describe what’s going on right now as Pelosi and Schiff hold secret hearings behind closed doors to impeach Trump without affording him any right to defend himself.


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